Proj Mgmt Foundation 3 days

HP Education Services Course Description Project Management Fundamentals (HC577S)

This 3-day course provides the fundamental concepts, processes, and techniques to successfully manage projects. Learned project management fundamentals are immediately practiced in a multiple project team environment to maximize achievement of enterprise objectives.
Lessons learned are captured and discussed relative to the participant’s work environments.
This course is intended for those who manage or expect to manage projects as part of their work and are at entry level proficiency.
By successfully completing this course, the participant earns 22.5 educational contact hours or PDUs which may be applied to meet PMI®
requirements for initial or continuing certification requirements.
Some project management experience is helpful
but not required. Project team experience is very
Course Objective
To gain knowledge and skills that you need to:
- Identify and implement components of the PMI® Project Management Framework (Project Cycle,
- Implementation Processes, and Knowledge Areas)
- Understand, apply, and communicate project management vocabulary, framework, processes, and knowledge areas for projects
- Develop credible project plans
- Manage the interaction of scope, schedule, and resources throughout the project lifecycle
- Measure, assess, and communicate project progress
- Implement adaptive action to achieve the project plan
Detailed Course Outline
Define And Organize The Project
  • Initiate the Project
    • Initiate the Project Organization
    • Prepare the Objective Statement
    • Validate the Objective Statement
  • Define Scope Specifications
    • Validate Scope Requirements
    • Formalize Scope Requirements
  • Define the Project Framework

Plan The Project

  • Develop the Work Breakdown Structure
    • Prepare and Review
    • Identify and Organize the Work
    • Document the Structure
  • Determine Logical Dependencies
    • Analyze the Network
    • Develop Preliminary Schedule
    • Prepare Estimates
  • Manage Project Constraints
    • Assess Resource Requirements
    • Review OS constraints
    • Explore Trade-off and Document Alternative Plans
  • Identify Project Risks
    • Assess Risk
    • Create Risk Management Plans
    • Manage Project Risks
  • Review the Plan
    • Validate the Plan
    • Finalize the Project Plan
    • Set the Project Baseline
Manage Project Progress
  • Determine Project Progress
    • Collect Status Data
    • Determine Variance from Plan
    • Analyze Variance Impact
  • Plan and Take Adaptive Action
    • Plan Adaptive Action Strategies
    • Implement Adaptive Actions
    • Evaluate and Follow-up, as Required
  • Report Project Status
    • Prepare Reports
    • Communicate
    • Archive Project Information
  • Conduct Project Reviews
    • Schedule Reviews
    • Review the Project
    • Make Project Adjustments
  • Close Out the Project
    • Perform Transition/Shutdown Activities
    • Conduct a Project Retrospective
    • Reward, Recognize and Celebrate

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