ITIL V3 Managing through Lifecycle

Course number HF442S
Length 5 days
Credits Toward ITIL Expert 5
Special notes
IMPORTANT: Please read the Prerequisites section below. You must have at least 17 ITIL expert credits in order to take the Managing Across the Lifecycle exam.

This course includes a 90-minute multiple-choice exam.

Course overview
This course focuses on developing the necessary knowledge and skills required to implement and manage the application of the ITIL v3 lifecycle practices.

The Managing Across the Lifecycle course is required for candidates wishing to achieve ITIL® Expert certification. (The only exception is holders of the ITIL v1 or v2 Managers certificate, who can achieve ITIL Expert certification via HF436S ITIL v3 Managers Bridge.)


  • 17 or more ITIL Expert credits: 2 credits from HF421S ITIL v3 Foundation (or H1846S ITIL v2 FoundationHE785S ITIL v3 Foundation Bridge and 15 or more credits from the ITIL v3 Lifecycle and Capability courses, OR
  • 17 ITIL Expert credits from ITIL v1 or v2 Managers certification, OR
  • ITIL v2 (1.5 credits) or v3 Foundation certification (2.0 credits), plus 10.5 credits specifically from ITIL V2 Practitioner (for example, three clustered Practitioner certifications worth 3.5 credits each), plus 5 credits from HF436S ITIL V3 Managers Bridge certification; (note that ITIL V2 Practitioner points in excess of 10.5 will not be recognized toward ITIL Expert certification)
  • Note: Students must be able to provide certification proof for all necessary prerequisites, in order to take this exam
  • This course is designed for people who have studied and practiced numerous aspects of ITIL (via the ITIL v2 Service Manager track, ITIL v2 Practitioner track, or ITIL v3 Life Cycle and Capability tracks) and want to know how to integrate all of the lifecycle stages and processes into an integrated approach
Course objectives
  • Introduction to IT Service Management Business & Managerial Issues
  • Managing the Planning and Implementation of IT Service Management
  • Management of Strategic Change
  • Risk Management
  • Managerial Functions
  • Understanding Organizational Challenges
  • Lifecycle Project Assessment
  • Understanding Complementary Industry Guidance

HF442S a.0

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